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***This website is still under construction. If you have any quetsions just contact us! info@dirtcenter.org***

Diversified Intergrated Resiliency Training Center
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The vision write up is still coming. Thank you for your patience during the website development process.

The DIRT Center is starting out as a handful of motivated, experienced and inspired folks on 7.44 acres of beautiful forest land outside of Stevensville, MT. 
It is both a training center focused on cultivating community resiliency  and a model of skill sharing that cultivates resilient ways of living.

So far we are hosting a variety of events and workshops in the next coming year. Please keep an eye for updates here and in our events catalog. 
All offerings are kid-friendly and sociable pet friendly and we focus on trying to be accessible to people of diverse abilities.

The Current DIRT

Yurt Raising Party & Potluck
Welcome to Brook & Cypress!
Offering Trainings and Workshops
The DIRT Center is excited to have aquired our first dedicated indoor workshop and community space - a tradional Mongolian Gurt (similar to a yurt). All the parts are assembled and ready to be raised so we are inviting you all to join us for a yurt (or rather, gurt) raising party! October 14th starting at 1pm at the DIRT Center. 
The straw bale house is finally completes and inhabited at last by Brook and Cypress! Welcome to our land mates and co-conspirators! We look forward to their presence and energy as we all work towards building community and making the DIRT Center vision a reality.
While we continue to develop workshops and events hosted at the DIRT Center we want to put forth a menu of offerings that we have experience teaching. So, if you are part of a group, organization or just a zeal for knowlege, contact us about organizing one of our trainings. 
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The Road Ahead...

2017 is all about planting the seeds of hope and change. In these times filled with doubt, fear, anger and hate we believe that action is the antidote to despair. As we work to develope the D.I.R.T. Center as a physical space and organization we are begining to host trainings and events that will promote community resiliency. 

To keep up with D.I.R.T. Center happenings in real time, join our Mailing List.